Magic Wands | Magick

MW_-_Magick_cover_art_by_Ferdy_Remijn-300X300Magic Wands debut album is love-wave. Built on the idea of balancing harmonics and dissonance, manipulating atoms. Lyrics which drop the mind’s guard, channeling the human spirit to drift forward and upward; pulling away from the grips of Maya.

The album was written during a phase of discovery. Chris Valentine diving into the realm of tuning forks and healing chakras, Dexy Valentine foraging through rituals and expressions of affection and connection passed down the ages. Together applying every kernel of knowledge into the production and execution of these songs.

It’s a modern age with life demands usurping vibrance, calm and beauty. This duo, clarifies pop song craft through a lens of love and vibration, resulting in Magick. Break stress through the simple act of listening.

Available in Australia and New Zealand via your favorite online retailer during first Equinox 2014.

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Genra | Light Blue

Lightblue GENRA | Light Blue speaks to our similarities over our differences. Written from the viewpoint of a young, Oakland California raised emcee, John Gilchrist’s narrations stay universal. Incorporating dialogue from current affairs, relationships and introspective life challenges.

Diving into social, political, economic & technological change, this eighteen track LP offers references across the spectrum of our daily thoughts. The songs stand to inspire, motivate and deepen the listeners’ perspective. The messaging is kung fu, artfully crafted in strength & beauty.

On Thanks Giving day, November 28th 2013, Light Blue LP will be available for free download exclusively on Find it online from December 3rd at your favorite digital music retailers and streaming services worldwide.