J-Bird the Straybird | The Music

J-Bird-Press-THE-MUSIC-Main In the realm of conscious hip-hop few have a more convincing and disarming voice than J-Bird the Straybird. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. J-Bird spent the mid 90’s as a founding member of The Justice Leeg. An underground L.A. group that produced groundbreaking songs which would influence future musicians across genres. J-Bird brings clarity and dynamics to his delivery. A melodic cadence that weaves through tracks beaming fresh light to stories imbued with a spectrum of experience in all things from the heart. With five new tracks on the horizon this first single, The Music, is a candid nudge for would be artists and music consumers of the true value in song creation. Keep your ears on this EMCEE and your spirit will lift you away.

Lyric Video: The Music