OURS New Album

Ballet the Boxer

Jimmy writes music that moves the human soul. Having watched him perform for the first time in 2001 with his group OURS supporting Distorted Lullabies, I was blown away by his mood and effective expressions live. Extreme sonics – sweeping melodies – charismatic rhythms – an undeniably gusto package with deep emotional sentiment. I had the pleasure of working intimately with Jimmy and his bandmates from OURS during the recording of THE HEART. It was then that Jimmy introduced me to the full scope of his musical interests. At least to the extent that he had discovered to date. There were so many feels and ideas he wanted to explore. I witnessed a kid in a candy store anytime we pushed the envelope close to breaking the moulded task at hand. We were making an album with a particular purpose and cause, he was on the verge of taking his writing to the next realm. This is what I’m hearing right now, as I listen to Ballet the Boxer 1 for the first time.

It’s thick with variance, epic here, grooves hard there and pays homage to the pop senses as well. I feel the song Devil in the way Jimmy can only reach out to us mere mortal musos. In the song Boxer, I find myself listening to the message, as the beat drops my guard, making space for my trust. I think it’s fair to say OURS has produced an album free from expectations the world over, an honest representation of a musician’s life experience without abbreviation. The approach is simplicity, diversity and direct messaging. It takes nothing away from past releases while adding new dynamics to the catalogs breadth. Some artists make music because they are trying to say something, this one says it.

Now stop reading this and lose yourself to Get’Em Out. Ballet the Boxer indeed – Good one fellas.